Andalusia Rose is a seamless shape-shifter. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area, this trio effortlessly and elegantly traverses the space between 70’s hard rock and punk, gospel, swamp-blues, country, metal, and psychedelic rock, with a powerful, soulful female voice and a story to tell. Under the watchful eye of Venus and some smoldering incense, the band came to life in 2012. Divine forces brought together singer/guitarist Wendy Lee Gadzuk (The 440s), bassist/percussionist Jeff Vengeance (Flesh Eaters) and drummer Paul Jarvis (Skinlab) with a shared mission: Bring good music to the people.

     2013 saw the release of their debut EP, produced by Brent Woods. The record garnered rave reviews, in particular for their songwriting, which Black Hole Magazine claims is “top-notch," while Drunken Werewolf states that their “songs are bloody ace," comparing the band to Nick Cave and Patti Smith.

     In 2015, the band self-released a new EP, "First Stone" on both CD and vinyl, as well as a video for the title track, directed by independent filmmaker Phillip Vielma. This release is more a bit more raw than their debut EP and sees the band moving in a slightly heavier, more psychedelic direction, while still holding fast to their melodic roots. Singer/guitarist Wendy Lee Gadzuk’s mixed media art is featured on the cover, combining her passions while creating a strong visual identity for the band.

     Staying true to their DIY ethos, Andalusia Rose has forged a reputation for their exciting live shows, both visually and musically, which solidified after a number of regional tours. “As the band plays, the room reverberates with a groovy, rumbling musical force that hits you right in the solar plexus, yet the songs are so well-crafted that you want to bob your head along.” - SF Bam Magazine. They have shared stages with such heavy hitters as The Flesh Eaters, Scott Ian’s Motor Sister, Gamma, Scott H. Biram, and the Picturebooks. Their music has been played regularly on Little Steven’s Underground Garage, as well as several other independent radio shows, and can be heard on Pandora Radio. Their song “Destroyer” is featured on the Classic Rock Magazine CD, “Stone Deaf Forever,” in issue 220 (Feb 2016), with Lemmy on the cover. They are slated to release a split 7” in Europe in early 2016.

     As City Slang says, “Do yourself a favor, find Andalusia Rose…and see what the fuss is all about.”

"Their music shreds with a wicked blend of blues, soul, and hard rock. It's like Credence Clearwater Revival meet Heart while sharing a 5th of whiskey on the bayou. It's a unique sound that seriously rocks." -Death or Vinyl