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Doctor Who - Daleks flac

  • Performer: Doctor Who
  • Album: Daleks
  • Label: BBC Radio Collection, BBC
  • Catalog #: ISBN 0-563-49476-X, ISBN 0563 49476X
  • FLAC: 2328 mb | MP3: 1208 mb
  • Released: 2004
  • Country: UK
  • Style: Spoken Word, Audiobook, Soundtrack
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Votes: 364
  • Category: Not music / Stage
Doctor Who - Daleks flac


1Scene 3: Study, Antique Shop (Day)0:18
2Scene 12F: Study, Antique Shop1:30
3Scene 1: Maxtible's Laboratory (Day)3:02
4Scenes 12-14: The Trophy Room3:29
5Opening Titles0:31
6Scene 6: Inner Room, Antique Shop0:43
7Telecine: Minstrel's Gallery Off The Banqueting Hall In The South Wing (Night)0:56
8Scene 7: Detention Chamber1:16
9Scene 1: The Lumber Room In The South Wing0:56
10Telecine: Rooms In The South Wing2:06
11Scene 17: A Corridor In The South Wing0:52
12Dalek Voice Session (NB: Although These Lines Were Originally Records For Episode 6 Of "The Power Of The Daleks", They Were Also Used In Episode 7 Of "The Evil Of The Daleks"2:52
13Scene 5: Dalek Control Room0:17
14Scenes 4-5: The Desert Outside Skaro City (Day)0:48
15Scenes 13-14: Hallway & Study, Antique Shop2:35
16Scene 14: Dalek Control Room, Skaro City3:37
17Scene 1-2: Dalek Control Room, Skaro City (Day)0:33
18Scenes 1-3: Inner Room And Waterfield's Study (Night)0:47
19Scene 2: A Corridor In The South Wing2:05
20Scene 13: Maxtible's Laboratory0:45
21Scenes 15-16: Inner Room & Hallway, Antique Shop0:39
22Scene 26: Inner Room, Antique Shop1:57
23Scene 27: Maxtible's Laboratory0:45
24Scene 14: Dark Alcove At The Entrance To The South Wing0:26
25Scene 21: Corridor1:19
26Scene 3: The Lumber Room In The South Wing1:19
27 Episode Seven
28Scene 9: Maxtible's Laboratory3:25
29 Bonus Tracks
30Scene 6-11: Lumber Room & Secret Passage2:11
31Scene 19: Dalek Weapons Room0:32
32Scene 7: Detention Chamber2:19
33Scene 12: Study, Antique Shop2:20
34Telecine: Computer Room0:40
35Telecine: Airfield (Day)0:48
36Scene 23: Study, Antique Shop (Evening)0:14
37Telecine: Banqueting Hall In The South Wing3:37
38Scene 5: A Corridor In The South Wing0:50
39The Final End: Episode 7 Scene 21 To End (Without Narration)7:27
40Scene 6: Maxtible's Laboratory3:55
41Scene 3: Detention Chamber, Skaro City (Day)2:24
42Scene 5: Maxtible's Laboratory3:25
43Scene 24: Underground Tunnel, Skaro0:50
44Scene 11: Underground Tunnel, Skaro1:20
45Opening Titles0:37
46Scene 19: Sitting Room Of The Maxtible House (Day)3:23
47Scene 4: Study, Antique Shop2:20
48Scenes 5-11: Warehouse3:30
49Scene 11: Study & Inner Room0:33
50Scene 8: Dalek Control Room0:17
51Scene 8: Maxtible's Laboratory2:14
52Scene 4: Antique Shop2:08
53Scene 20: A Bare Room In The South Wing1:46
54Scene 12: Detention Chamber0:40
55Scene 23: Corridor1:19
56Scene 12: Antique Shop0:36
57Scene 9: Corridor0:50
58Telecine: Airport Gates0:23
59Scene 4: Detention Chamber3:26
60Scenes 6-7: Corridor & Banqueting Hall, South Wing1:40
61Scene 2: The Sitting Room0:13
62Telecine: A Corridor In The South Wing & View Of The Gardens0:42
63Telecine: Computer Room0:09
64Scenes 12A-12E: Inner Room, Study & Hallway, Antique Shop0:44
65Scene 18: Detention Chamber1:28
66Scene 22: The Sitting Room2:46
67Final Destruction: Telecine FX Montage C0:39
68Telecine: Final Destruction Of Skaro City1:14
69Scene 25: Maxtible's Laboratory0:10
70 Episode Three
71Scene 17: Dalek Control Room0:51
72 Episode Five
73Final Destruction: Telecine FX Montage A1:29
74Scene 1: Maxtible's Laboratory (Day)0:11
75 CD 2: Episode Four
76Final Destruction: Telecine FX Montage B0:30
77Scene 13: Study, Antique Shop1:53
78Scene 7: A Dark Alcove At The Entrance To The South Wing1:15
79Opening Titles0:33
80Scene 25: Study, Antique Shop0:39
81Scene 4: A Bare Room In The South Wing0:40
82Scene 16A: Maxtible's Laboratory3:10
83Scene 2: Maxtible's Laboratory6:43
84Scene 15: Maxtible's Laboratory (Morning)1:05
85Scene 10: Dalek Control Room, Skaro City1:32
86Scene 17: The Tricolour Coffee Bar1:04
87Telecine: Computer Room0:32
88Scene 22: The Tricolour Coffee Bar1:46
89Scenes 11-12: The Sitting Room (Night)1:03
90Scene 24: The Sitting Room0:18
91Scene 16: Corridor Outside The Laboratory (Day)0:07
92Scene 15: Maxtible's Laboratory0:29
93Telecine: Petrol Pumps & Field Overlooking0:33
94Scene 9: Dalek Weapons Room (Night)0:21
95Scene 24: Hallway, Antique Shop (Night)1:02
96Scene 26: The Sitting Room0:42
97Scene 20: Detention Chamber1:20
98Telecine: Computer Room0:07
99Scene 2: The Trophy Room3:19
100Scene 6: Corridor, Skaro City1:16
101Scene 6: Dalek Weapons Room0:34
102Scene 16: A Dark Alcove At The Entrance To The South Wing1:23
103Telecine: A Corridor In The South Wing1:29
104Scene 22: Dalek Control Room0:08
105Scenes 26-27: Desert, Skaro (Night)0:47
106Scene I: A Bare Room In The South Wing (Night)0:54
107 CD3: Episode Six
108Scene 3: The Stables2:31
109Scene 4: A Corridor In The South Wing0:27
110Scene 3: Dalek Weapons Room0:27
111Scene 10: Detention Chamber (Night)2:05
112Scene 8: The Trophy Room1:52
113Scene 25 & Telecine: Dalek Control Room & Corridor Outside1:02
114Scene 23: Outside The Sitting Room0:13
115Scenes 11-16: Dalek Weapons Room & Detention Chamber2:37
116Excerpt From Repeat Transmission Of Episode One (BBC 1 Continuity Announcer & Opening)1:32
117 Episode Two
118Scene 8: Underground Tunnel, Skaro0:28
119Scene 3: The Stables2:01
120Scene 5: Study, Antique Shop0:15
121Scene 9: The Sitting Room5:03
122Scenes 18-21: Inner Room, Hallway, Study, Antique Shop0:50
123Scene 10: The Stables1:56
124Scene 13: Corridor0:32
125Scenes 7-10: Antique Shop, Inner Room & Study1:25
126Scene 5: The Sitting Room0:25
127Scene 4: The Trophy Room4:23
128Scenes 1-2: Transport Fuel Office & Field Overlooking1:54
129Telecine: A Lane By Railway Arches0:24
130Scene 21: Maxtible's Work Room / Laboratory5:26
131Scene 1A: Maxtible's Laboratory2:10
132Scenes 14-18: Inner Room, Antique Shop & Study0:59
133 CD1: Episode One
134Telecine: Dalek Control Room (Night)1:22
135Opening Titles0:29


  • Directed By [BBC TV Episodes]Derek Martinus
  • IllustrationMax Ellis
  • Music By [Incidental Music]Dudley Simpson
  • Music By [Title Music]BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Ron Grainer
  • Producer [Produced And Digitally Remastered By]Mark Ayres
  • Producer [Produced By]Innes Lloyd
  • Sounds [Special Sound]BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Brian Hodgson
  • Voice Actor [Arthur Terrall]Gary Watson
  • Voice Actor [Dalek Voice]Peter Hawkins , Roy Skelton
  • Voice Actor [Doctor Who]Patrick Troughton
  • Voice Actor [Edward Waterfield]John Bailey
  • Voice Actor [Hall]Alec Ross
  • Voice Actor [Jamie], Narrator [Linking Script Read By]Frazer Hines
  • Voice Actor [Kemel]Sonny Caldinez
  • Voice Actor [Kennedy]Griffith Davies
  • Voice Actor [Mollie Dawson]Jo Rowbottom
  • Voice Actor [Perry]Geoffrey Colville
  • Voice Actor [Ruth Maxtible]Brigit Forsyth
  • Voice Actor [Theodore Maxtible]Marius Goring
  • Voice Actor [Toby]Windsor Davies
  • Voice Actor [Victoria Waterfield]Deborah Watling
  • Voice Actor [Zoe]Wendy Padbury
  • Written-ByDavid Whitaker
  • Written-By [Linking Script For Audio]Sue Cowley


First Episode Broadcast: 20 May 1967

Last Episode Broadcast: 24 June 1967

Includes an 8-page booklet with notes about the story, as well as cast, credits, and a detailed track listing.

CD3 includes bonus tracks of isolated special effects, an un-narrated vocal track for the final minutes of Episode 7, and a continuity announcement and first few minutes of the rebroadcast of the story from the next year. "The Evil of the Daleks" was the first story ever to be rebroadcast during the original run of Doctor Who, following the conclusion of Season 5's final story, "The Wheel in Space", which introduced new companion Zoe, played by Wendy Padbury.

The Daleks created by Terry Nation.

Thanks to Graham Strong and David Butler.

This recording was previously included in the Doctor Who: Daleks tin (qv).


  • Barcode (Barcode [Printed]): 9 780563 494768
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout Code CD1): BBC 056349476X-3
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout Code CD2): BBC 056349476X-4
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout Code CD3): BBC 056349476X-5